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Smoking Trends And Its Increasing Modifications

Smoking is injurious to health, which we all know, but despite knowing it, smokers cannot give up this habit, easily! Smoking is an addiction and it is tough to shun this knowingly bad habit.

This is the reason why some companies have invented hookah pen for the smokers so that they can continue smoking without causing much harm to their health. These sticks are brightly colored with great designs. This is very different from e-cigarettes in color and design. The e-cigarettes are dull in look and resemble like a real cigarette.

The hookah pen is gaining popularity amongst the younger generations while the e-cigarette is popular among the elders. The real smokers want something like the e-cigarettes which resemble like a real cigarette but has health advantage attached to it. The electronic cigarettes are becoming popular because people want to quit smoking but find it tough to drop the habit easily. It is not easy for a smoker to quit smoking in a day or two. He has to drop the habit of smoking gradually.

This is the reason why these smokers need substitutes like e-cigarettes or shisha pens. The cigarette substitutes are gaining fast popularity among people of all ages. The elders use them because they want to quit smoking, while the younger generations are using them for fashion and style, check this electronic cigarette review.

It is gaining importance because you are not blowing out smoke but vapor with nicotine minus the tar. The hookah ballpoint is battery operated invention much alike an e-cigarette. The e-liquid inside the ballpoint is heated by an atomizer and turns it into vapor which one can inhale. The devise is available in use and throw form, consisting of various fruit flavors for you to choose. These pens are free of heavy metals and carbon monoxide and other cancer origin chemicals. It does contain some nicotine but it is devoid of tar.

The main elements of e-liquid are water, fruit flavors, glycerin and propylene glycol. Till now no negative aspect has been discovered by its use, but more researches are being done. It is still unknown and no positive result is available on its long term use. More researches are needed to declare it to be safe. Breathing water vapor is safer than breathing smoke containing 4,000 chemicals. Well, still we must take into account that these e-pens are new products and it must undergo tests to declare it safe. It is advisable that non-smokers should refrain from using them.

The ballpoints emit nicotine as vapor but you do not have to glow them like real cigarettes and so there is no smoke. The manufacturers are producing e-pens which can emit faux-smoke from the vapor so that the smokers feel satisfied.