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Creativity And Innovation, The Way Forward

There is a present debate which is ongoing as to whether if smartphones and tablet devices are more attentive to the consumption rather than the creativity of the product. There are a large number of users of these apps in the current time.

As time goes by the number of creative app development which has helped us to watch, read, enjoy and grow has become ever increasing that it’s almost difficult to do without a new app almost every day. Most people fall to a long inheritance of technology which makes up activities such as photography, video making, film making etc. Photography and videography contain features which could be edited.

One word can mean various things to different people and the same concept goes for creative app development. It can mean so many different things to different individuals. For example Magic Piano or Instagram apps doesn’t need any previous experience in music or photography but is created to help beginners to discover niceties of both forms. In apps like Instagram the grid that overlaps in the pictures when you do the editing makes you think of the structure of the pictures.

Apps such as Vine serves to an anther level of skills. Throwing a 5 second freebie and sharing it is an easy action anyone can do but micro film makers creating and experimenting with motions are creating real imaginary work. Likewise music apps such as Figure are inclined at both professional musician who will use the audio and wait for some inspiration to strike and the normal you and me who would enjoy just mixing some beats and making a melody. Also check this excellent educational apps for mobiles.

A new digital life is been given to creative old apps for example Dubble with double exposure photographs where as others are making new standards such as Frontback where the main idea is to apprehend the photographer and the scene. Just because Instagram aided you o share a creative picture of the beach your not David Bailey and just cause the magic piano help you create a funky beat your not Aphex Twin but is indeed enjoyable to create creative experiences with these apps.

With a millions of various apps being on the market the competitiveness is deadly. Unless your app is a universal app you need to find ways to make your app stand out among the rest. May be having a great idea might do the trick but with the creative app market being so flooded with developers its becoming more and more difficult for even new competitors to enter the market.